Why these online courses?

Because of the COVID-19 crisis many children are forced to stay at home with their family. While some are able to be homeschooled via Skype by their teachers, they generally have little to keep them stimulated and distracted from being around family all day. It’s a breeding ground for tension without any good options to release some of the emotional stress. Parents are likely to put their children behind the tv or game consoles to gain control on their energy levels. This has a numbing effect on the children and suppresses their creative abilities. And THAT is an absolute waste of a child’s brain. That’s where I step in. My videos will make a direct appeal to their sense of creativity, participation and self-expression. By teaching kids how to use their environment as their own creative playing field, they will get intrinsically motivated to go out and explore by themselves. Self-expression and creativity will cultivate a sense of purpose, leading to a tremendous boost to self-esteem and a sense of profound satisfaction. This will, in the process, release tensions that have been built up across the whole family in this uncertain and stressful crisis.