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These online courses have been developed in response  to the current global COVID-19 crisis. It is of great importance that the emotional, intellectual, and creative development of your child doesn’t stagnate because of home quarantine. During such periods of self-isolation, the ability to develop tools to cope with stress and anxiety is more important than ever.

These online courses are specially designed for children in (special) primary education with little or no musical experience.

You can choose from the following courses:
  • Individual music lessons (30 minutes)

One lesson €25- book now 

These lessons give primacy to the joy and pleasure of playing and composing music. The development of creativity, self expression, and individuality are prioritized in every lesson.  My expertise lies in stimulating your child’s creativity and getting them interested in the musical process. This option gives you and your child the freedom to pursue as many lessons as you want, and is therefore perfect for those wanting maximum flexibility. Get your free trial lesson now! 

  • 6 course package: Let’s get SKILLS!

A music course consisting of 6 online lessons €180 book now

This course focuses on building up essential musical skills through the fun and engaging process of making music. This course offers 6 online lessons over a period of 4 weeks which will take place on agreed dates via the web application Zoom. Together with your child (the student) we will work towards a live concert for family members and friends in isolation due to COVID-19. We’ll also make a video recording of the musical composition that will serve as a tangible end product to keep and cherish for years to come!
  • 4 course package: Let’s make MUSIC!

A music course consisting out of 4 lessons €130 – book now

During this course I guide the student through the beautiful and stimulating process of making your own song. I support where needed in writing the song lyrics and together we construct a fitting beat with suitable chords. I use a loop station to record his or her brilliant ideas which immediately provides stimulating results. With a duration of 2 weeks, this course offers 4 online lessons which will take place on set dates via the application Zoom. Your child works towards a full recording AND a homemade video clip of his or her own song to show to friends and family for years to come!

These courses are focused on the learning levels of children between 6 and 10 years old, but can also be personally adapted or newly designed if your child has special needs. If you prefer to have an introduction beforehand to discuss what course pack would be most suitable for your son or daughter. You can send in a request by email by using the contact form on the website. This introductory meeting will be completely free of charge.

On a weekly basis I’ll post new material on the website to support you and your child through this turbulent times, so be sure to follow Juf Emma Muziek on TWITTER, YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK to get the most out of this website.