About me

After graduating as a music therapist and spending two years building up experience in the field, I got a phone call that redirected my professional career towards music education. I quit my job as a music therapist and started my own business Emma Muziek. Because of my background in therapy I focused my business on working with children with learning disabilities in special schools throughout Amsterdam. Since then I have built up extensive experience working with children with all kinds of emotional distress and disturbances. This has made me acutely sensitive to the needs of these children and focused on how to reduce their stress levels in the process. 

I absolutely love my work. I have a natural interest in the way people around me perceive the world, and this is especially true of children. They are more attuned  to their emotions and imagination which makes it easier for me to communicate with them and to adapt my work to different kinds of learning levels. Working with children brings me closer to their perception of the world and it constantly fascinates me. This has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. Their natural and fierce curiosity constantly reminds me to not take the world around me as a given and to stay curious myself. This here is the direct fuel to my work. 

Children have difficulty developing emotionally and intellectually when experiencing any form of anxiety or stress, and I see it as my job to create the sense of security needed for them to develop to their full potential. I can stimulate children to express themselves creatively. My enthusiasm and profound interest in every individual provides them with the security needed for emotional development, experimentation and creative expression.